Monday, June 14, 2010

A Positive Challenge to SL Bloggers

Student Project Gallery

Location: Darned Crow-Dinner Again!

Lalo Telling, whose blog I greatly enjoy, alerted me to Alicia Cheneaux's Big Bad Blogger Challenge. The challenge: post three positive things going on in SL for the blogger.

Here, Lalo and Alicia, you have it:
  • Richmond now has a little showcase of my students' work in SL. I'm awfully proud of these youngsters.
  • It must be a slow night at Treet TV. Iggy will be holding forth on "Designing Worlds" tomorrow, part of a panel discussion. I plan to be as positive as I can!
  • Pappy Enoch reports that after six weeks of squatting on abandoned land, the Lindens have not yet evicted him.
How's that?
New Ol Home Place
And thank you.


Lalo Telling said...

Thanks, Iggy... but it wasn't my challenge. It's Alicia Cheneaux's Big Bad Blogger Challenge, which began Sunday and goes for a week. You've got time to join in, if you want, since you've already posted to the second topic.

Iggy O said...

Thanks, Lalo. I've updated the URL for the post.