Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nevermore and the Hypergrid

Location: Usher Burial Ground

Madeline Usher gets laid to rest in the family crypt, a Medieval location, instead of the more modern graveyard because her brother Roderick fears grave-robbers.

The reader of "The Fall of The House of Usher" gets robbed of something else: the chance to have Poe write about a burial ground. On the other hand, it gave me free play to design the first of the buildings, a structure I pattern after columbariums I've seen in old cemeteries such as Richmond's Hollywood.

Instead of ashes, however, the structure will hold a hypergate so visitors to the grid can appear in just the right spooky locale.  I hope the results are Poesque enough. Now I need to figure out how to embed the codes and get the gate working.

Roderick will figure it out, with lots of help from Jokay.

Hat-tip to V, of TGIB, for the free portal

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Vanish said...

Hi Iggy,

thanks for the hat-tip. I'm glad you like the portal - I didn't think anyone would find it useful, as it's a really simple creation. As for the scripts, I've been using Pathfinder's modified Blamgate script with it, but haven't gotten too far on that; for some reason the destination can't be found whenever I try it. Jeff Kelly is currently working on a great hypergate script too, so it might be worth watching that.