Friday, February 25, 2011

Questions for Rod Humble from the Educators

VWER Meeting Feb. 17, 2011
Location: Virtual Worlds Roundtable

Recently I posed four questions that I will send to Rod Humble, Linden Lab's CEO. I then put the issue to members of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable at our weekly meeting in Second Life. Here are some of the questions, edited for parallel structure and brevity. You can read the entire transcript of our meeting, including additional questions, here.
  • Is he having fun yet? (Birdie Newcomb)
  • Will he be able to make it to a future meeting? (Grizzla Pixelmaid)
  • What is Linden Lab doing to make support more useful and reliable? (Hour Destiny)
  • Are the recent rate changes and loss of Concierge support, etc. a path/process leading LL into mobile/social networking community areas? (Gwenette Writer)
  • Is it true that there is only one database for all inventory? (Hour Destiny)
  • Will Linden Lab resume work on interoperability with OpenSim grids? (Gwenette Writer and Ignatius Onomatopoeia)
  • How effective does he find the search in finding events? (Profdan Netizen)
  • When can we expect the advertising focus and promotion to STOP being all about escaping real life and finding love and focus more attention on some of the more serious endeavors like education, research, and activism? (Olivia Hotshot)
  • If 40 or 60$ a month for a full sim (= server partition) is a sustainable price on open sim grids, wouldn't there be a little room sooner or later for LL to lower theirs? (Xon Emoto)
Got a polite question for Mr. Humble, about education in SL, that you'd like me to add? Post it in comments!  Keep in mind that several questions I did not include were excellent, but since they focus on Linden Lab's past decisions, some VWER members concluded that he'd likely not answer them.

And we want a short list!  So have at it.


Dio said...

Two part question:

First, I would like to ask if he comprehends the extent to which SL's muddled and ineffective approach to dealing with griefers had a negative impact on education sims (not to mention the impact on the "first hour" experience, with griefers commonly infesting entry areas).

Secondly, what, if anything, do they intend to do in terms of getting serious about controlling the grieftards--and not just because it affects the usability of grid for things like education and social interaction, it also affects his bottom line.

Unknown said...

You know and we know you have a target customer base pie chart somewhere in a briefing. Let's see it.