Friday, February 11, 2011

Rude Folks in a Virtual World: Two Solutions

Location: Finished grading for week & shaking a dry Martini

Inspired by a lovely gent who really endeared himself to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable yesterday. I give you, gentle readers, two philosophies of moderation when a problem arises.
VWER good cop
Option One:
The "Ladylike & California-Cool Olivia Method"

VWER bad cop

Option Two: 
The "East-Coast Special"


kee said...

a classic among classics.

Sunshine said...

Well, it is the same and it is not in another VW, in EU, Planet Calypso(I'm waving you HI from our extremly dangerous and rude world:),) but anyway... Fortunately, rudes and bullies don't live a long virtual life on Calypso (somehow they waste them selfs too fast) :) And as of polite people...they are too busy even to answer jokes..never mind drop the piano !