Monday, May 2, 2011

Digital Story: Stop Cyberbullying

Maddie's story was the people's choice in last week's competition.

I'd not followed this story and, despite a lifetime of being jaded, am amazed at human cruelty. There's some cold comfort that the perpetrators could get prison time for doing what they did, though even there the penalty may be less if a proposed settlement of the case becomes reality.

Whatever happens, on a day when some very different justice was done in Pakistan, I'm reminded that most of the time, evil gets its comeuppance.


Professor Linda Lautrec said...

minNot only should the "mean girls," go to jail, but the school, teachers, and people who did nothing but watch should be fined and reprimanded. The parents of the mean girls should also be fined, and punished as well. Perhaps, there could be a moratorium whereby anyone found to be prolonged cyberbullying (or any bullying)should not be allowed to attend college unless they doing a couple of years of community service. Then poor Mindy will not have died in vain.

Professor Linda Lautrec said...

The faculty and parents of the "mean girls" who witnessed this type of prolonged bullying should be fined and punished as well. The "mean girls' should not be allowed to continue in any school for a period of at two years during which time they should be required to do community service.