Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bringing Back the Second Life Helpers, Officially

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I am not quite ready to break out the "happy dance," but good news deserves notice.

I never quite understood why Linden Lab abruptly ended its sanctioned mentor program. Now, in a different form, the company looks to be bringing it back and even acknowledging the volunteer work of several groups that attempted to ease the "first hour" problem new SL logins face.

In a blog post, CEO/Avatar Rodvik Linden noted of the Resident Help Network:
The program has been in a bit of a holding pattern on the Linden side, while each of these groups continued to do their good work. I’m happy to report that we’re officially bringing back the RHN network and look forward to partnering with these communities and integrating them more tightly into our new user experience.
This is welcome news from a company that has a reputation for not listening to residents. I continue to be impressed by Mr. Humble's efforts, since he took over as CEO. The newest viewer is not bad at all; I've used it in advanced mode with Roderick Reanimator for a while. Soon, of course, I'll have to switch for my main avatar as well.

Linden Lab has a lot to do to regain residents' trust. Helping mentor groups help new accounts is a good start.

Now fix search and we'll be talking. My other big wish, off-world backups such as I enjoy in OpenSim, are, for some well understood IP reasons, presently beyond the reach of the Lab.

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Miso Susanowa said...

This is very good news to the many people who have suggested that this is a critical area that needs addressing. It IS good that Rod has some action behind his words; what a change, eh? Looks like LL found a CEO who knows what is job is... we'll see how far they let him get in doing it.