Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Open Life: Much Better Results!

Tao Jones: Hippie Freak
Location: Sandbox Island One, Openlife Grid

I have been getting ready to do a few posts on OpenSim, focusing not just on the Rezzable build for the Tut site but also the very idea of a grid that is dispersed.

Since Openlife is not technically an OpenSim-based virtual world, but a grid much like the Linden Metaverse, I almost left it out of my consideration. Besides, my previous times there were disasters of unrezzed avatars, weird texture-disasters, eternal Ruthing, or all-gray environs.

Then I spotted the icon to open the program as I scrolled through my applications window. For laughs, I tried again to log on as Tao Jones, the avatar I created to rescue Mojobox Kane, my first Openlife avatar.

Because I felt mean-spirited after all the lag in Openlife, I decided to log in from a relatively slow wireless connection. Guess what? It worked great.
Tao Jones: Bad Hair Day
Okay, the hair is lame, but that was easily fixed.

I put "Freebies" into the search engine, found a region called Freeport, grabbed a hippy-looking free male avatar, then met a nice fellow who was building there. We chatted about my return to OL and decision to poke about a bit more:

pan bunny: well you should enjoy here, there is difference between here and sl, if need to know just ask

pan bunny:

pan bunny: that's more useful as a guide for places to go and what kind of ppl are here :)

Tao Jones: will do...lots of us in education are looking at other worlds, as SL gets more expensive (and less likely to endure)

Tao Jones: what brought YOU to OL? I may quote you on that :)

pan bunny: yup, well prices are cheaper here, but its still in its infancy so expect bugs lol

Tao Jones: LOL SL has plenty and it's hardly in beta

pan bunny: i needed a new challenge, for creating and here gives me more freedom

pan bunny: 100mx100m prims and 45k prims per sim does help lol

What other advantages does Openlife offer, aside from the ability to use mega-prims for builds?

When they get it working, the search engine for Openlife will be directly linked to their Web site. This means that, potentially, searches for content will be possible with Web-style features such as word strings and Boolean terms. This would be light-years beyond the clunky SL search. The multi-lingual "translate this" pull-down indicates Openlife's international ambitions.

Now that I'm not a cloud, expect more dispatches from Mojobox and Tao.

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Hey Chief!

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Keep up the good work. You'll be remembered for this 100 years from now.