Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Road Trip: Good Driving, Surreal Content

Low Lag Horizon
Location: Whiskey Sim's Giant Noob Storage and Meditation area

Those Lindens are up to something, I thought, as I barreled along an empty road and this popped up in chat:

Speed Camera:
Dominus Shadow v.2.0.44g,
Owned by Ignatius Onomatopoeia
98.537415 KpH
Fine L$68

Catch me, Johnny Law Linden! I got a license to fly!

And fly I did, only outrunning the roadbed occasionally, though I had the graphics pumped up and was driving fast, even across Sim-boundaries. In the end, I came to a spot where the highway just stopped, and I plunged off the edge into water. Luckily, in SL that's no impediment. The car landed upright and I raced up and down the bottoms of SL's rivers.

I ran across the wonderfully bizarre on this trip: the giant tower of noobs with a meditation cushion at the top:
On the Shoulders of Noobs
A punky griefer-girl in the middle of a snowy field, making chaos with a bunch of friends in a flurry of pyrotechnics:
Roadside trouble

Then I saw the horses, and I pulled over by the Wengen Ski-Runs. I liked the look of the build there a lot. I may have to go back for virtual skiing:
Wengen Ski Runs

So for June, there's not much point to the road-trip except a few moody and pretty pictures. Even a Peak Oiler like me, convinced that the days of the real-life open road are limited, can enjoy some virtual motoring.

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