Friday, June 19, 2009

Linden Lab Investor Sells Shares

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Has Linden Lab made itself a house of cards?

As I read about Team Tut at Rightasrain Rimbaud's blog, I found this news and followed his link to another dispatch, "Stratim Capital Buys Stake In Linden Lab." And I began to wonder if the cards won't fall soon; if they do, who will reshuffle the deck?

Key take-away points made by Rightasrain:
  • [I]n general, now would not be an ideal time to sell shares in anything unless 1) you had to for personal financial kinda reasons or 2) believe that even a depressed value is better than what might get worse.
  • Maybe the fears of OpenSim or other competitors like Microsoft, that device-less thing is cool enuff, are getting more serious than LL would like anyone to believe?
I'll soon post something about OpenSim here, and my thinking about why Linden Lab should be very, very concerned about developments on that particular front.

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