Monday, September 28, 2009

Pappy Enoch Dodges Assassination Attempt!

pappy and nuke
Location: Hellbilly Paradise

It's my darned fault. Oh, Pappy, can you EVER forgive me?

I had set up our mainland parcel so that group members in Pappy's group could rez items. Stupidly, I forgot to turn on the "autoreturn" feature for other items.

Pappy visited his Moonshine still today, after doing some hard undercover reporting for the Alphaville Herald about the deaths of Sion's virtual chickens in SL (hence the chicken-suit).

Someone moved a few items from nearby onto Pappy's land, including....

A virtual nuclear weapon.

Yes, that red sphere in the photo is a "Plasma Nuke," a nefarious SL device that can go off to make a server crash. But I think that Pappy's readers at the Alphaville Herald were just showing their opinions of his fine "Ritin' Skils an' elly-cushion in jineral," as Pap puts it.

In all, I returned seven items to one unnamed SL resident. I don't know if they were all nukes.

Pappy would have been one big fried chicken, otherwise. Seems like overkill to me: get him dead drunk and you could pluck him with ease.

Update for Sept. 28: Bomb removed & neighbors warned. I fear that the big store next to Pappy's junkyard, not our Moonshiner buddy, might be the target of a business rival. Now only members of Pappy's group can enter the plot of land and no one can move items onto the property from nearby. In short, lesson learned.


StryderLee: edupunk said...

So was the nuke left by someone envious of your Pullet Surprise award? Or was it left by someone trying to stop your scratchin' around in your under-feather investigation?

StryderLee: edupunk said...

Well my fine-feathered Pullet Surprise winning friend, it looks like someone is out to get more than your goat! Who mighta left the nuke?
Could it be an old shine customer that went blind on that bad batch that you made out of bananas?
Or maybe it's somebody who doesn't want you scratchin' around about them yard birds in your under-feather investigation...stay out of the fryer!

Iggy O said...

Pappy was too overcome with fear to reply, Lee. I asked him about the likely suspects.

"It am wun o' several posserbilerties, I reckons:

WUN) Them fellers who hates me for bein' so manly an handsum an' gittin' all the gals in luv wif mee and not them.

TU) The Chicken-killers I bin investermagatin' for the Herald.

TrEE) Other reporters at the Herald, jellus o' my Pullet Surprise in Journey-lism.

FORE) Mah sister Jezzybell. But she ain't got money for a nuke and she'd rather shoot or chainsaw me anysohow so she could watch me suffer."

Fred said...

I'm thinking it was SL PETA. How many SL chickens were used to make that one suit and couldn't something have been substituted for a faux-chicken suit? However, I'm surprised someone didn't run up to Pappy with spray paint first - that's usually the first level response.

Iggy O said...

Fred, we are putting SLPeta on the list. They have done other actions in SL (and I wish I were joking).

Pappy plans to make mon...I mean report this incident diligently at the Herald.