Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNN Provides Heritage Key with Good Press

Location: CNN Web Site

I'm really pleased, after the lackluster article in The Chronicle, to see CNN cover, from a "noob perspective," the promises of virtual-world technology. You can see a nicely done video, aimed at the general viewer.

Funny how the announcer notes that Second Life is a "game" but implies Heritage Key is not. That's some of the best backhanded marketing I've seen. Administrators resisting the perceived sex and griefing of SL--a view The Chronicle piece encourages--might say "well, maybe there is a use for this technology on campus."

Soon I plan to look at more strong developments in Heritage Key's Valley of the Kings.


Viv Trafalgar said...

there's also this - very exciting - Stonehenge launches too...

Elaine Greywalker said...

Are there ever any reviews or journalistic articles on Second Life or other virtual worlds that aren't written by noobs? Is virtual life an "also ran" in the big scheme of newsworthy items? Just filler pieces or sensational items meant to temporarily boost circulation? I long for the days when the world at large starts taking virtual worlds seriously. ... or maybe not.

Iggy O said...

Elaine, when they become as easy-to-use as Farmville, VWs will get more attention. I saw a very favorable piece on Farmville from the BBC. Right now, virtual worlds are bleeding edge or get confused with games and the "teenage kid in the basement" meme.

It's easy for noob reporters to overlook their richness.