Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jeff Young in the Lion's Den

Audience view, Dav Phobos session

Location: Virtual Worlds Roundtable

Photo by Sheila Webber

Mr. Young is a brave man. His recent story in The Chronicle of Higher Education caused such a ruckus among educators that we expected griefing when he appeared at our weekly event. I was on security with several others for meeting Moderator AJ Brooks.

The only grief was verbal, and it was hot and heavy. Primarily, educators objected to these aspects of Young's coverage:
  • He did not have enough in-world experience to adequately cover Second Life and OpenSim worlds
  • He failed to visit some of the richest educational content
  • He wrote a piece that seemed slanted to editorializing about SL, rather than probing some of the strongest problems--and promises--for early adopters
  • He over-emphasized sex and griefing, aspects of SL that have not posed large problems for most of the VWER members.
I've probably missed a few of Young's and our group's main points, but I will post a link in a future post here to the entire conversation. Readers take note that the flames are plentiful in our talk. Kudos to Mr. Young; he says he'll return to SL again to visit classes and attend an upcoming conference. I'm glad he will do so.

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