Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jeff Young Meets the Educators: The Transcript

Conversation after Phobos session
Location: Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable

Photo courtesy of Sheila Webber

I promised our participants that I'd not edit out anything said by them.

So here is the complete transcript (it ran 29 pages of single-spaced type in Word).

The event grew heated, and at least one participant had enough and simply left. We had, at one point, at least 82 participants at Montclair's amphitheater.

Young's telling remark to this reader: that he was inspired to return to SL to have a look after coming across a widely maligned (and frankly, uninformed) piece about SL in The Guardian.

I'm pleased to say that Mr. Young ran a much humbler, and more informed, post in the Chronicle after our meeting. He focused on what the new SL 2.0 viewer may mean for educators.

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