Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reaction Grid Meeting Goes Well for VWER group

RG_VWER Meeting_002
Location: Late to the Party

Today a group of educators met in Reaction Grid, the second outing beyond Second Life for the Virtual Worlds Roundtable. I was teaching a class, so Iggy Strangeland logged in after the meeting ended. Without a landmark, I still found the crowd easily: they were the big cluster of dots on the Reaction Grid map.

Several regulars at our weekly meetings were around, as well as GeoFrank from NASA. Many of the new Reaction Grid folks had customized their avatars very effectively; if only I could figure out where Olivia Hotshot got her blue skin--nicely done and right out of Cameron's Avatar.

What impressed me about the gathering was its size: although regions in Reaction Grid can only support a dozen avatars, give or take, as many as 27 avatars were present, by meeting in an area that bordered two regions. The Reaction Grid team was on hand to build a "chat bridge" between the two areas.

I've not had time to even look at the chat transcript that reached me after the event. I'm quite impressed, however, that so many of us could make it in-world, not crash, and not worry too much about our hair.

My only glitch was a freeze that led me to relog after I teleported to the meeting site.

We walked around afterward to see GeoFrank's rocket-garden, Viv Trafalgar's land with its amazing giant flowers, and Olivia's meeting area itself. As a DIY sort of fellow, I like Reaction Grid's start-up feeling. The rough patches will smooth out in time, as I've seen in Heritage Key since last fall.

Frank's Rocket Garden

This was truly an historic day for the Reaction Grid and its team.


educational resources & SL stuff said...

You captured the essence of the meeting Iggy. Really appreciate that you caught us at the end.

And, so it is known, the meeting area was only built for this specific meeting. The regular landing spot and meeting area will be back in place soon.

Iggy O said...

Thanks Olivia! Not bad since I wasn't AT the meeting but relied on everyone's accounts. Old journalism habits die hard...The transcript just arrived so I'll post about that as well.

Unknown said...

What a great review. It is fair in that there are still frustrating glitches with Opensim but that there is opportunity as well. I can add steady fixes to the list of things that show a bright future for Opensim.

The event worked well due in great part to intelligent design by VWER & friends.

By splitting the load (these sims rated 7-15 users average each) between 2 sims VWER was able to achieve the 27 peak avatars at the event.

Most importantly we were able to learn from educators what ReactionGrid should look like moving forward and we took notes!

Thanks all who attended & in particular anyone who stuck with it despite the rough edges.