Monday, July 19, 2010

Terraforming Griefer Strikes at Drexel University

Location: Drexel University

It pained me to visit Drexel's SL campus, where I was curious to see the Literature Alive! House of Usher build.

At the landing point, I found that griefers had exploited a mistake that left the "edit terrain" setting on (I'm guessing). Mile-high cliffs tore through buildings on the dragon-shaped island.

When this occurs, some items can be knocked "off sim" and owners must request a server "rollback" to the time before the griefers struck.

It's a good lesson we long applied for Richmond Island, where only our estate manager can terraform. It's hard enough having multiple builders on a sim.


iliveisl said...

gee, that really stinks =( drexel is a more active university in second life. subQuark included a few video clips in a piece he did used to intro Pathfinder Linden at a conference last year

Bryan Alexander said...

Yikes! That's a wise lesson to bear in mind.

I'll resist jokes about Usher's land getting out of control...