Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Backward: Spending Money The First Time

Ape in Tux
April 05, 2007 4:00 PM

Location: Mauve Sim, Wynx Whiplash’s store

Baldness can wait. I’m about to make my first purchase in Second Life.

Following a lead from the ever-vigilant Ida Keen, who writes Baedaker, a tourist’s guide for SL, I’ve come to see what Wynx has for sale.

I understood, since getting to Orientation Island, that most players have multiple avatars, each available in the player’s inventory. All it takes to change from buff toyboy or sleek partygirl to, say, a tiny bunny-rabbit is a few clicks.

And all it takes to buy one of these alternative identities is a few hundred Lindens (at about 270 Lindens to the US Dollar).

So, why not? Now, thanks to Wynx, I have solved my hair problems, forever.

Q to self: What to be today? Iggy? Ol’ Putty Head? Or Monkey-boy?

A to self: Monkey-boy.

Now I can go, in style, to investigate that giant statue of King Kong in one of the SL Sims. It’s in some sort of deserted theme park.

I will also be more than ready for next year’s “National Gorilla Suit Day.” I need something to take my mind off reality for a while.

This week’s reality check is too painful. With the daily grind of nut-cases posturing and sabers rattling, I’d bet that Second Life will soon be full of new avatars, each in need of a little down-time in a gorilla suit.

If you are not in a gorilla suit yet, you are not paying attention. GOOD bumper sticker.

Iggy's Note: My "Looking Backward" posts are aggregated here, if you want to see the fool I made of myself in 2007.  


Tenchi Morigi said...

Oh those Gorilla Suit Times *G* Mine is catching dust somewhere in my inventory as well, having not logged on in a long time. But I still remember fondly of this piece of clothing :)

Iggy O said...

Never too late for our hot date, Tenchi. We'll show up at some hapless Linden's office-hours in Communist Uniforms and get banned.

SL is so boring now. All the cool geeks have left :(