Saturday, January 15, 2011

Road Trip Plans in Second Life

Willowdale cruise, 1
Location: Fake Garage

My jaded ears rose up, like a bored terrier's at the sight of an escaped hamster, when I read  Tateru Nino's announcement that Linden Lab has done some work to increase the speed of simulator crossings. I'll give credit where it's due: this was needed badly. Nice work from the new CEO, who has a gaming background.

I'll just have to dust off the vehicles for a road trip.

Novella's commentary on a recent post stung in just the right way: I need to stop snarking, because life has been good in OpenSim and I've used a lot of what I learned in Second Life. With better prospects for road-trips again in "the old country," I might just get back to what I used to enjoy in SL: seeing what others are making.

And unlike my real Mini Cooper S, the fake one is paid for!  Let's motor!  I'll post the results here soon.

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