Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nevermore, The Wiki!

Students in the Usher Crypt wi...
Location: Google Sites

I'm pleased that a grant from my university permits faster work this summer on the Virtual House of Usher's rebirth (or perhaps "return from the crypt," to be Poesque). The project will be ready in Jokaydia Grid by summer's end, with some finer touches added during the fall term. In late fall, 20 or so students will explore the simulation as they read Poe.

A first step involves setting up a better wiki than the one used previously, so student assistants and actors can collaborate to add clues and other materials to the site. We could, of course, design some brooding Gothic masterpiece of a Web site, but my preference is a piece with multiple authors and an easy-to-master interface. If any dropping to HTML code is needed, I'll shoulder that tedious burden.

Have a peek at the new Google site. Potential actors, as Fall approaches, let me know if you'd like to step into Roderick's or Madeline's shoes.


Viv Trafalgar said...

Looks fantastic Iggy!

Tinie Tempura said...

I really like the house you are building. Would you like to be my best friend?

Love from Tinie


Iggy O said...
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Iggy O said...
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Iggy O said...

@Tinie, not on first date.

I've stopped laughing so hard that I can actually post this. Blogger is doing its "multiple post" thing, too.

In any case, best friends are earned. First we need to know each other.

I cannot figure out if you are a crazed version of Big Bird, a prawn, or a reincarnation of Salvador Dali.

Those are all promising self-manifestations, however. Most of my friends are freaks and weirdos, so you'd probably fit right in.