Friday, February 17, 2012

Get Your Wallet Out, Mr. Steely-Eyed Missile Man

Location: PayPal

Even if the International Spaceflight Museum leaves Second Life for more edu-friendly spaces in OpenSim, they need assistance in the interim.

If you are waiting to see what sort of crowdfunding options emerge, don't. Go to their donate page and help out. I used PayPal for a donation and it went through smoothly.

If you have political objections to PayPal (/me cues Miso and my other OWS pals) contact Kat Lemieux in SL for assistance in how to help the ISM pay Daddy Lindenbux his back tier and reopen the museum.

Then the real fun work begins, I hope: getting whatever content that can be exported, exported. Then off to the real frontier in virtual worlds and away from the closed playpen for breedable Gorean vampire-bunnies that is today's Second Life.

I was unable, through childish wishes, to save the real-life Apollo Program. But we SLers can at least save the dreams of a better, vanished era when humanity still had the will to climb the ladder to the heavens.

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