Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Virtual House of Usher Reopens in Second Life

Location: Glasgow Caledonian University

For about a year, the project begun with Richmond colleagues has not been available in SL. Now, through the generosity of Evelyn McElhinney and her colleagues at GCU, visitors may explore a new build of Usher.

Visitors should begin at the Visitor's Center (teleport link). There are Viv Trafalgar's free Victorian clothes as well as links to the project wiki and student projects from prior semesters.

I have imported the Jokaydia Grid structure, though some clue-locations vary and elements from the old Second Life build make this House the most interesting experience yet. We do not have a full island with attendant dangers and "outside" clues, but some of these  now appear inside the House. Look for those family ghosts! They may help you. And when I get a RP HUD running, some may be purely evil...

Those wishing to bring classes into either the Jokaydia Grid or SL builds should contact me to schedule a time with the actors who portray Madeline and Roderick. All of us associated with Usher look forward to promoting immersive learning in virtual worlds and, specifically, bringing new learners to the world of Edgar Allan Poe's obsessions and artistry.


Rawlslyn said...

I'm thrilled to see the VHoU reopened! Kudos.

Rawlslyn said...

Hi, Iggy. I am teaching an online literature course this spring term for Florida State College at Jacksonville. I am using SL for my course. I would like to schedule a time for some of my students to visit the House of Usher as an assignment for my course. My email is rfrancis@fscj.edu. I hope to hear from you! - Rawlslyn Francis