Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Armada Dispatch: Shipmates

Location: Armada Breakaway Sim

From the Desk of Professor Onomatopoeia, Dealer in Arcane Tomes

I'm delighted to make the acquaintance of Mr. Remington Thursday, one of the Council of Four who represent the citizens of our floating city. Mr. Thursday enabled a few changes to my abode so that I could follow certain biological experiments on the lower deck. The blasted lock is not quite to my liking...well, the experimental subject is still small and weak.

Some of this work will, I suppose, prove slightly dangerous. But in the name of science, free from the tendrils of New Crobuzon's corrupt and repressive government, I can continue my experimentations unhindered.

It goes without saying that I go armed here, less in fear of my fellow Armadans but out of concern for raiders appearing on the horizon or, perhaps, something getting out of hand in the vats below my bookshop.

As for trouble from below: a stout oaken hatchway, banded with steel, and a brace of flintlocks should deter any intruders or, well, extruders. Must remember to purchase a better lock.

Moreover, Miss Tenchi Morigi, a seasoned and capable warrior, will be joining me in my business ventures. She's growing ever more familiar with the culture of Armada as she persues her studies of Mr. Mieville's historical works about the world of Bas-Lag.

Miss Morigi and will certainly thrive at Armada. I think her fighting skills may come in handy, as the brave community stakes its place upon the untamed oceans.

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