Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Spammers....grrrrrr

Location: Expression Engine Home Page

It's sad that the spammers of the world cannot be dragged through the streets and then beaten with chains.

At most blogs you can filter comments. Not at Expression Engine, where the Times Dispatch keeps the scrubbe-up version of this blog. Anyone can comment, and writers cannot delete commentary! Our only option has been to repost spammed posts without the stupid remarks. Here are some from the ever-more-desperate blog-spammers.

Anyway, here we are:

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Who on earth would consult a personal-injury lawyer to posts his services as spam to a blog about SL? He will need a personal-injury lawyer, if I ever get my way with his sort.

You can help me by contacting "Bizz," at, with your kind words about spamming blogs. They are plumbing contractor in Raleigh, NC.

Pappy Enoch has already left them some kind words. Use the contact form at their site to share with them what you think about blog-spammers.

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