Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Best Old Blues I Ever Done Had: Buddy's in Second Life

Location: Buddy's Club, Skyes Stand

My old friend Twyla Tomorrow, former manager of HippiePay, IMed me seconds after I logged on.

"Wanna see something?"

I'm game, because Twyla is usually busy. It had to be important. And it was. We met by the stage at Buddy's, a club run by Limerick Ireland native Derric Foggarty.

That night, SL singer/songwriter Von Johin was on stage, and I was floored. This is the sort of blues I pay a LOT to hear live in the world of matter, and there I was, dancing like a madman (the only way to dance) with Twyla right by the stage.
Kung Fu
This is a shout-out to Derric and a call to you all to visit more live-music venues in both lives. These musicians will go silent if we don't support them.

For a full list of events at Buddy's, hop over to their blog at Blogspot.

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