Monday, April 20, 2009

Armada Roleplay Dispatch: Guests, Invited and Otherwise

Location: Armada Breakaway

From the hidden notebooks of Professor Onomatopoeia. A copy of these notes, as well as one copy of Von Junzt's book, seem to have been "borrowed" by someone who entered the shop when I was out taking the morning air.

Monday: A lovely Mer, known as Melaniya, came by the shop and drank a glass of Absinthe with me. They are a charming race but perhaps a little overly curious.

Tuesday: Built a stout plank hatch over the companionway to the lower deck.

Wednesday: Completed work late at night with my salvaged copies of Von Junzt (two in stock) and Eibon's Liber Ivonis (in the translation recovered from the ruins of Suroch).

A book salvaged from my shipwr...

Thursday: Discovered that my copy of these notes has gone missing, as well as one of the Von Junzt editions! The Eye of the Thanati revealed this image of the intruders....Cray, another race here that have been very friendly to me so far.
Cray Visitors

My only hope is that the language of the text cannot be employed as it was meant to be. I added charms to the Elder Sign by the specimen I found floating after my ship sank. The thing, which looks more and more like an egg, has begun to glow and turn inside a translucent green bubble. It demonstrates some characteristics found in the wild beasts (if beasts they be, and not humans) warped by Torque-weapons used at Suroch.

Friday: Must acquire mummy-dust to make the power of Ibn-Ghazi. With that item, I can attempt the Warding of Krederon, or even the Greater Seal of Thubrat Mitaluku. Given that the specimen has not responded to fire, cold, or sharp objects, if it grows to hatching it could pose grave dangers to the community. I fear that my flintlock will not suffice, unless I devise some sort of arcane projectile.

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Viv Trafalgar said...

"seem to have been "borrowed" by someone" ? How Terrible! I'd loan you my copy, but it's damp.

::notes that fire, cold, and sharp objects have already been attempted. Scratches a few things out on her list::

"mmm? do go on sir. this is fascinating."