Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Metaplace Update: More Building

An old pal
Location: IggyO's World, Daallinii's Egyptian Temple and CynthiaB's World

Cynthia, like Tenchi, has made the migration. They'll soon pass me as they level up; I would find more time for Metaplace, but work in SL beckons, and I actually enjoy the Armada roleplay enough to stick around.

Today's session on adult content at the SL Educational Roundtable promises to be a drama-fest, so getting away to Metaplace was a delight. I just cannot imagine, for the life of me, these Metaplace bobble-heads being naughty.

Wrecking a virtual city with a giant robot as part of a plan for global conquest, yes.

First, I visited the Egyptian setting created by Daallinii. I'm impressed. His building skills far exceed my own. And the background music was quite nice! Traveling about there, and then to visit Cynthia, I realized that land-marking is very easy: just copy and share the URL.

Egyptian Temple

At home I had fun with several features of building. I made one of my mad-scientist props speak lines from classic science-fiction films, with a delay of 60 seconds between each of them. Very easy and really fun.

Adding Chat

Cynthia was putting up a treehouse when I visited her world. Soon all of the virtual hillbillies will be in Metaplace!


Anonymous said...

Can I get some drama with my SL? Supersize it. ;-)

P.S. Good news - my laptop is back in my capable hands!

Iggy O said...

We can arrange any drama you wish, ma'am.

You were the source of my anti-drama spraycan, I think, so you are well equipped for drama!