Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Sale at Work of Genius

Location: Web site

Linden Lab acquired this Web marketplace a while back, and the variety of goods is staggering. Sometimes, however, a work of genius crops up there. But mind creator Etiq Prague's caveat emptor:

Warning: You can get a prim also in-world using some crazy woodoo click or something. But I suspect some bootleg activity behind that - I don't trust any prim except this one. So buy THIS PRIM and BUILD NOW! It's a GREAT DEAL! Hot TIP: There is a rumor that the millionaire Anshe Chung get fortune thanks to the PRIM. I'm not saying it's true, but there is going around a rumor about it. So do you want to be a millionaire? BUY IT!

The responses from buyers also made my sides ache with laughter:
  • Well all I can say is I am greatly dissapoined! Here I was thinking as it is full-perm, I would propably get the plywood texture with it, but I didnt! So I can not make all my already made builds match it! (PantzerHamzter Petshop)
  • I have a few problems with my prim although I cannot obtain it far from my hand? how do I be able I help this? Etiq Prague please can help me that I have all is an image of the prim. I need aid of client (Redd Columbia)
  • This thing literally helped me pay off my rent and allowed me to move into a new house without ever having to work at McDonalds again. (Chase Quinnell)
  • OMFG I just bought prim and I couldn't be happier..suddenly all the guys are flocking to me (Raylene Galicia)
  • HELP HELP! I cain't git this ding-dang thing off'n my HEAD! I are blind, an' I cain't even find the jug, so I ain't drinkin' yet! Help me! I are blind! (Pappy Enoch).
This item is a steal at 10 Linden Dollars...Go buy it right now.

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