Sunday, April 26, 2009

Armada Roleplay Dispatch: Two Books Missing, Another Saved

Location: My Bookshop

I fear that some "borrower" has made off my my second copy of Von Junzt and my only copy of the Liber Ivonis.

Luckily, the ink on these books is not capable of being harmed by water, and the language in which they are written is not one my fellow citizens know. May those who walk between the worlds be thanked for that miracle. If they are deciphered by an unwitting and untrained person...well, anything can happen.

Second, with my limited use of charms and glyphs of warding, I've protected my remaining copy of Von Junzt and The King in Yellow, a wonderfully opaque tome that promises to bring many things of interest into light, if I can only translate it!

One worrisome thing: I had put the lesser sign of Gweroth upon the tomes when they began to whisper whenever I open them...

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