Thursday, April 2, 2009

H.P. Lovecraft Day in Second Life

HP Lovecraft Day #1
Location: Arkham, MA Sim

I knew I'd find the Lovecraftians eventually. Tekelili Tantalus, of Hollow Earth, had told me of a sale at his shops in honor of HP Lovecraft Day. I have no idea why today is a holiday for "HPL," as we fans all call him. It's not his birthday.

If you know nothing of Lovecraft, you may find everything I write unfathomable....

But who needs an explanation when summoning extra-dimensional horrors from beyond the small circle of light that guards our fragile world in order to strip the earth of all terrestrial life and return it, primal and pure, into the howling voids to its original owners where pipes, held in nameless paws, play to accompany Azathoth, the Sultan of Chaos and primal font of all uncleanliness, in his mad dance. Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

Sorry...back to my post.
Gazing toward Innsmouth?

Tekelili noted that he wanted to celebrate HPL by offering items--and he's a hell of a designer--at 50% discount. I walked away with a Loremaster avatar shown at the top of this post, weapons, a Lovecraftian monocle, a statue of one of the Great Old Ones, and a set of very cool weapons for roleplaying in Armada. And a little minion of Great Cthulhu shoulder pet...

Friends from Armada came by to lay down their Linden Dollars as well. Storm Thunders, on the right, is a Cray, a race from Mieville's novel The Scar. My friend Viv, of the Armada Council, is at the left.

Armada friends

Get your wallets out today before midnight, SL Time, and go to the Arkham or Hollow-Earth shops.

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