Monday, November 16, 2009

Blue Mars Teaser Trailer: Entertainment, Business

Location: Avatar Reality Web Site

So much dazzle from the makers of Blue Mars, and not a word about education. I get to these things slowly--the post where I found the embed code for this video bore the date May 2009.

Have a look. The maker, Avatar Reality, promises a public release soon (the virtual world is in public Beta now). As with Second Life, system requirements are high. But--groan--it's Windows-only. I'll find a gaming PC eventually and try to take an unbiased look at this new entrant in the VW universe.

Gee, maybe I'll play a round of golf. No, maybe I'd rather have spikes stuck into my eyes. The prevalence of golf on the site--though not in the trailer I've embedded--says a great deal about the target demographic.

Okay, I'll find not a driving range but a place to drive in Blue Mars and see how the cars work.

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