Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bot Technology In Second Life For Medical Training

Location: Waiting Room

I'm impressed with this YouTube video, done my my SL Roundtable colleague Kali Pizzaro. "Colin," the bot shown, can reply to simple text-chat questions, and as this technology develops, it could provide a good training simulation for medical professionals.

Kali's original post on this notes how the test demonstrates "our work on connecting “Second Life” avatar-patient-bots with specially written AIML [artificial intelligence markup language] and speech synthesis software. Hopefully we’ll add speech recognition too."


Sabine Reljic said...

This is great! This could be applied for so many other contexts: museum guide, sim resource/info spot, ... Oh the possibilities!

Unknown said...

Hi Iggy,

Thanks for the add. I must acknowledge Andy Whiteford (Aka AndyW Blackburn Sl) the School Technician who developed and scripted the bot from my scenario.

We are using this scenario with Nurse Practitioner students but it could be used for a number of healthcare professionals.

Regards Kali