Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Road Trip: Metaplace Speed Demon!

69 Boss
Location: GK97’s World

No Mini Cooper S, my real-life ride, in sight, so I debated a contender for my car-buying dollars (but too long to park in town without bumper-dinging sorrow), a Mustang GT.

Then I saw a car I’ll never own, a ’69 Mustang Boss. The Boss wins!

Since it's a little world--and that makes driving a tiny bit more frustrating than in an arcade game with a much larger track--I'll keep my post tiny.

As in Second Life, Metaplace driving is controlled by arrow-keys. There were no gears to shift or special features on these cars. The biggest problem here, however, is the tiny size of the world. On a bigger track this low-lag driving could be the hoot of a virtual lifetime.

Meep-Cannons & Moop
The cannons let visitors blast each other and the drivers with flying Meeps. They make green Moop when they hit.

The Boss handled about as well as a real-life vintage Boss would. Muscle cars were not known for tight handling, so I mowed down many virtual spectators. They were just props put there by the builder; I wonder what my car would do to other Metaplace avatars? The world was empty, but for me.

Silly, yes! Fun, yes! Visit GK97's World to try for yourself.

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