Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Egghead with Dreads on "Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe"

Tonight Live!
Location: Ready for my close-up, Ms. Beebe

It may have been a slow night for news about virtual worlds, so Paisley Beebe resorted to having me as the final guest for her November 15 show. To be honest, I was honored to be featured on's lineup of outstanding shows shot in and about Second Life. I even behaved myself, given that the experience was quite immersive; I felt as though I were on a real-life set.

Our talk ranged over several topics, including my feelings that educators need to explore beyond SL and why most students never log on with their avatars once the semester ends.

Special thanks go out to Paisley, AutumnFoxx, and the fine crew at Tonight Live. I didn't even fall off the stage or sit on Paisley's cat.

Here's the show, embedded. Be sure to hear Buckley Moonwall perform and listen to Alice Burgess, a librarian at the University of Kentucky and Shamblesguru Voom, an education consultant in Thailand discuss education in SL. Then I can lull you to sleep.

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