Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thinking about Aesthetics in SL

Location: Blind

"My God, I'm blind."

Have you ever said that when you looked upon really poor taste? Taste so bad that it's good?

I won't reveal the identity of the happy avatar couple or where I found this photo.

I'm glad they are happy. Maybe I'm just a grumpy professor and Spring still seems far away.

But why? Why?

"Why not?" is not an acceptable answer.


Tenchi Morigi said...

I would try the Trek approach.
The sensory perception of this is slightly out of phase which detaches them from our sphere of reality. The difference is too slight so that we still notice them but too big to understand the outcome. From our perspective the results are ... well ... you know ... but from their plain ef exsistance nothing could be better, since they are suffering from being out of phase with their surrounding. Since they do not notice that they are out of phase they behave like you and me.
The only way to help those poor fellows is to set up a containment field around them and aim a directed tachyon burst at them opening a small rift in subspace correcting the out of phase appereance of them. Afterwards they should get some badly needed shopping advice.
But if I am honest calling Pappy with his shotgun and telling them that them thar um two critturs in digustuise will solve the problem equally efficient but with far more hillarious results.

Have a cool (and I mean horribly cold friday) everyone


Iggy O said...


I'm afraid that nothing short of Phasers, set to disintegrate, would do for that lovely couple.

Let's not get Pappy into this. He'd take a "shine" the female since she has that "Dolly Parton thing" going.