Friday, March 5, 2010

March Road Trip: Exile on Main Street

Location: Cruising Bay City

Armed with some serious iTunes and a desire to explore another continent, I set out. A search for "Route 66" led me to motorcycle-only regions I'd played in over a year ago, but I wanted something different: a slow cruise in a large American automobile.

In the Bay City cluster of sims, I found a branch office of ACCC Motors. For just under 1600 Linden Dollars, I put my hands on one of America's ultimate "lead sleds": a 1959 Cadillac ragtop, black of course. I'd wanted one since my early days in SL, when I had no money in-world and could never imagine actually putting money down on a bunch of code.

D'oh. Why the hell not? Reward content providers for work well done.

And what a beautiful sleek beast the '59 Caddy is! It handles like the barge it is in real life, but the Bay City sims are not for racing. The urban regions offer the perfect place to do the curbside crawl. Only six other avatars were on the first sim where, after some hunting about, I found a spot to rezz the huge auto.

At 25 prims in a built-up area, the big car did not handle sim-crossings with grace, even in first gear.
Construction Zone

A very nice moment of tangibility--that quality that makes SL seem like a place instead of a collection of servers--came at the Metaverse Land Sales: Bay City Office.

I cammed in to get pictures of the continent maps on the wall. This showed me the names of all the major land-masses; last month I'd gotten the old mainland's names, but I'd never seen the others named before.
First time Ive seen this

Then I drove slowly around, eying the architecture and appreciating the many funny road-signs.

For such a trip you need a few things. First, the perfect tunes, such as "Every Day is a Winding Road," by Sheryl Crow, "As the Crow Flies," by Richmond's own The Shiners, and "All Down the Line," by the Stones. Second, you need a sense of humor at the road-disasters that can occur to an uptight traveler.

The sim's sense of humor inspired me to end likewise.

End of the road

I think ACCC's party-barge Cadillac will go on an open-road trip, next.

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