Monday, March 1, 2010

Stonehenge! In Rezzable's Heritage Key

Which Era to Choose??
Location: Collecting Logs, 2400 B.C.

I'd promised Viv Trafalgar that I'd spend time at the Valley of the Kings, and I'd feature a discussion of the HUD for exploring that region. Then I saw the Stonehenge teleporter at Heritage Key's travel center and...well, time-travelers are not supposed to be a cautious lot.

The teleporter took me to Rezzable's version of Irwin Allen's Time Tunnel, a passage to several epochs of Stonehenge's history. Now I wish I could do this in real life:

"Walk straight ahead to the center circle and select a teleporter to be transported to the Stonehenge time period of your choice."

I have a fascination with Neolithic Britain, especially the stone circles, so I had to abandon my quest to explore the Valley of the Kings and meet some of Stonehenge's builders. I began at the earliest era for the site on Salisbury Plain, the prehistoric forest of the Neolithic era. I saw bots in the distance and left my friendly druid guide behind, when I heard this:

"It looks like we've run into some builders! Go and talk to them to find out how the stones were moved. Take some time to explore the ancient forest, too...Help the builder repair his wagon and follow the 'Flora and Fauna' path to win items for your quest."

Both Flora and Fauna impressed me greatly...BIG animals back then!
Neolithic Wildlife
May I commit what historians call the "sin of presentism" to note how quickly prehistoric people destroyed the forests of ancient Britain? It seems that we moderns were not the only lunkheads...most of ancient Britain was thickly forested. No longer.

I ended up with a wearable falcon and a rather fanciful Druid's staff. I enjoyed helping the builder fix his roller for the Welsh Bluestones. I will use a similar technique, with logs, to move a 1000 pound truck box-body mounted on two I-beams at our family farm, though I'll have a John Deere backhoe and not oxen to help.

A serious footnote about how we learn from history: after reading Rodney Castleden's book about Stonehenge years ago, I moved a 10x5 foot garden shed on large PVC rollers. Call it my version of Redneck-Henge.

Already, Rezzable's Stonehenge build has incorporated the lessons of the Valley of the Kings, and it promises to equal in depth the redone VoK area or the promise of the Nile palace that Viv has mentioned to be under construction.
Give the man a log!

The build is worth walking for the lush forest prim-eval (sorry, I could not resist that) done with painstaking detail by Rezzable's team. I really felt in another time.

If only Iggyo Heritage could lose the duck walk. Animation override in the works, Rezzable?

Incidentally, how DID I get through a Stonehenge post without ONE Spinal Tap reference?

Go by the Web site from Rezzable and see if you are ready to stand among the stones. Then download the client software and go exploring!

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