Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pulling Down the House of Usher, Part II

Iggy & Gargoyle
Location: The Painful Part

Well, it's half-done. In fact I rather like the effect of seeing the demolition in slow-motion. I began with the outer walls, linking parts I'd missed the first time around, then taking them into inventory.

Next I began to delete prims not made by me that were simply textured flooring and other easily replicated bits. I could remake them later. Then copies of things already in inventory were deleted. Slowly I'm returning Beeble Baxter's prims from the House. I'm concerned that some of his non-shared items may be destroyed with the Richmond sim vanishes.

When the demo is finished I'll run a Koinup slide-show of the process here.  Still, it's not the most fun thing I've done in SL.

I know some of you have read Poe's story and have a question about how I might have ended things.

I'd been tempted to make the whole build physical, then unlink the sets. That would replicate the drama of the end of Poe's tale.  At the same time, I wanted a copy of it as it stood in inventory, just in case we ever set up Usher again in Second Life rather than another grid more amenable to educators.

Maybe I'll rezz the shell again from inventory, make it collapse into the water, and burn any remaining rubble: good way to say goodbye to renting server space from Linden Lab.

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Mera Kranfel said...

I know the feeling... you get a lot of feelings for virtual places too. Its not always easy to move along...