Sunday, October 18, 2009

Arts at the Crater & Beyond: Burning Life 2009

Olivia in the Big Bubble
Location: Camp of Olivia Hotshot and GeoFrank Taurog

Well, I had a whee of a time with my friends yesterday. This post shamelessly plugs their build at Burning Life, that of their neighbors, and pokes readers with a sharp stick to urge you to "get over there!"

I was pleased to meet their neighbor Bane Riddle whose "The Interactive Mandala" installation stunned me; great reactive art and a fun trampoline ride! [direct teleport link here]. Sorry Bane--when I used your landmark I started on the I moved the landing point back just a few meters!

Bane then sent me to meet another artist whose site he recommended, Lorin Tone. Lorin did sound-work and made the snakes for the Serpentunes interactive art installation [direct teleport link here]. I'll let the visitor figure out how to jump out of the volcano where you appear.

Here's a run-down of events at Olivia's and GeoFrank's camp [direct teleport to it here]:

SUN 10/18: West of Ireland's Shandon Loring (Story Teller) 8 pm Reading : "The Lifeboat Mutiny", a story about a used lifeboat on spaceship that kinda runs amok.

MON 10/19: Celtic Trad and Rock:. West of Ireland DJ Sioban McMahon 6-7 pm .:ELECTRONIC:. Carlos Kirshner, a.k.a. Apocalypse7 7-9 pm
TUE 10/20: .:Mix:. West of Ireland DJ Derry McMahon 5-7 pm

WED 10/21: .:INDUSTRIAL:. DJ Omen 6-9 pm

THUR 10/22: .:BLUES:. KelvinBlue Oh 6-7pm

FRI 10/23: .:INDUSTRIAL:. DJ Omen 6-9 pm

SAT 10/24: .:BLUES:. Connall McGinnis 4 - 6pm SUN 10/25 TBA - will be burning down the joint. DJ Omen promises a surprise. Stay tuned.

Some slides of my adventures appear below. I'll add more today as time permits.
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