Thursday, October 29, 2009

Student Slideshow, Burning Life 2009

Location: Koinup Profiles and Blogs

It's fun to get a second-hand look at my students' experiences in SL. They got an assignment to take them to the next stage of encountering a virtual world: to go to an event.

This avoided the "SL is always empty" feeling that so many reported in earlier blog posts. I'm saddened that so often our best educational content in SL can seem empty, save when a "flash mob" shows for a talk, tour, or class. So to see the range of SL avatars, as well as experience how it feels to be in a crowd, I encouraged them to visit Burning Life 2009.

Slides follow. Readers can also have a look at the class page for blogs, wikis, and Koinup pages (where many of the students place their photos).

One upshot of this is a renewed appreciation for how the Lindens managed lag at the event. My writers are complaining heartily of lag at Rezzable's Heritage Key virtual world, where they are all alone. Look for a future post on that adventure.

Last year, I found BL to be quite laggy. This year, performance was far better, even on wireless connections. So Linden Lab earns some praise amid my usual grousing about other issues.
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