Monday, October 12, 2009

Student Scavenger Hunts, 2009

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(photo credit: Virtual Harlem, from Ryan's Koinup site)

As I slog through grading, one bright spot comes from reading the blogs done by my class. This informal writing, warm-ups for analytical projects, include a set of lively posts about the Scavenger Hunt assignment they have just completed.

Some stand-out posts:
Most writers noted how empty the education sims looked. I reminded them that edu sites have "flash mobs" when events occur but not usually at other times (rather like our quads on campus--full between classes, empty in 10 minutes).

I'll feature more information soon on the hunts . For educators, I'll add that my project introduces writers to SL while letting them master skills beyond the basics. So the assignment is not merely "busy work" in a virtual world, I ask them to consider how what they find in the hunt might lead to later projects that employ sources.

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