Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekly SL Educational Roundtable Voice Transcript Test

We talk assessment
Iggy's Note: Though I can enjoy the slow process of wrangling text-chat into the useful format of a chat-transcript, that may not reach all readers who have visual impairments. Thanks to Margaret for hatching a plan!

Thus, the members of our weekly Educational Roundtable that meets in Second Life begin her experiment. I'll just quote my good friend AJ Brooks. We'd love your feedback. This comes from AJ's "Got Social" blog:

In an effort to make these transcripts available to those who would normally need to use screen readers, or those who just prefer to listen to them instead of reading them, the SLER is experimenting with converting the text chat transcript to a voice enabled version.

This entire effort is the brain child of Margaret Czart (SL: Margaret Michalski). Not only was this her idea, she is also the one who has invested the time to re-edit the written transcript to make it more listenable and taken care of the conversation and upload process, as well as putting the test web page together. HUGE thanks to Margaret for her work on this.

As you can imaging, this work does take time. In order to be sure that time is well invested, we are going to post the next few text-to-voice (t2v) chats here into this blog. The purpose of this is to provide you with an opportunity to provide some feedback, which we think is really important.

If you love this idea, tell us. If you hate this idea, tell us. If you see or think of anything that can make it better, tell us. No matter what your thoughts are, please tell us by responding by leaving comments below. Even if you just write “hey, great idea” – it will let us know that there is a demand or interest in this. We will use this feedback (and site traffic) to determine if the beta-test on this project will continue.

Here is the link, we look forward to your input.


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