Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Inferno Redux

When trapped by a region unavailable, make lemonade (or comics). This particular scene was an av pile-up at Korea Sim's Welcome Area this morning as SL went through rolling server updates. I love the shot of the shoes, and the very random toy soldier which was the only thing that wasn't at least partially ruthed. None of us could move. Stuck together, we formed a different kind of virtual hydra. I wonder what level of the Inferno this would count as.

I'm also testing the revised version of Flickr's 'blog this photo' feature, which lets you blog directly from the photo page. No more arm wrestling with blogger's photo uploader, I hope? We'll see. Crossing my fingers.

Well the upload didn't go as smooth as I'd hoped. Still a small chip with a ton of links to Flickr embedded - similar to previous Flickr-blog upload tools. I ended up editing the code manually in the post so that you can see it without pulling you off this blog. But the 'format your blog post' link I saw in Flickr looks promising... if I can find it again. I'll keep trying. The idea of not having duplicates of uploaded photos spread all about the Internet is appealing.

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Iggy O said...

I just love these avatarian "pile ups" when a region goes down.

Pappy Enoch, our roving Hillbilly correspondent, really has fun when this occurs. He's known to pull out his looped hillbilly-dancing animation he has and give it away.

Pretty soon it can become the hayseed version of a Busby Berkeley musical at some welcome area, with 40 avatars all doing the "chicken dance."