Monday, October 26, 2009

Burning Life 2009: Last Day at the Fair

Bane Riddles Installation
Location: The Playa, With That Sinking Feeling

Remember the day your last vacation ended? Or when you were looking back, out the rear window of your parents' car, at the exit sign, dwindling and then vanishing, that said "Disney World"? Or when you made your way slowly to the exit gate at the State Fair, with that last tuft of cotton candy between your fingers?

I felt this way on closing day at Burning Life 2008, and I felt it again this year. Where else can you interrupt an IM discussion with this: "hold on. I need to catch that flying octopus and take a ride!"
St. Salvador
What can we do with our withdrawal symptoms? A few hints for those of us not regularly part of the creative community in Second Life:
  • Stay in touch with an artist whose work you really liked at Burning Life. Go to other live-music events, gallery opens, and displays of Machinima.
  • Tip your artists. Tip-jars are not permitted at BL, so give now and give often. It helps with texture uploads! I think I'm spent about 1000L already just on uploads for the House of Usher, and that is only one project.
  • Use your social-networking tools and in-world contacts to promote events and creators you like. I know that posts on the SLED list by me and a few others got some educators to Burning Life.
  • Explore. I know that I have been wrapped up in my own work in SL (and outside it) too much lately to get out and about. I plan to change that this year. I've long done a monthly "road trip" dispatch; I'll add an arts-event briefing now at least every other month.
I'll be posting a Koinup sideshow of my last days. See what you missed!

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