Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pappy on the Run: Hobo Hideout

Pappy & the Hobo King

Location: Hobo Island

Two legends (one in his own mind) of Second Life met up recently at Hobo Island. This makes a nice finale for 2008, my second year in-world.

Whatever the fate of SL, as our economy forces more and more of us to live like hobos, it's comforting to know that Orhalla Zander, the king of SL's hobo community, bought an island for the pretend poor-folks to call home.

Enter Pappy Enoch, who recently left Richmond Island "becuz WUN--they am sum'fin called a 'Zonin' Corn-mittee' a-fixin' to purtyfy stuff up 'round hear and TU--My orful sistur, Jezzy-Bell, dun figgered out whar I lives."

Jezzabel has promised to "kill that fat rascal dead" over grievances from real life, including:
  • $500,000 in fines, payable to the Commonwealth of Virginia, for the moonshine still that Jezz was found running after Pap ran off to Second Life (that is 135 million Linden dollars)
  • One glass eyeball--cornflower blue--that Pap owes his sister, for the loss of Jezz's real eye in a roller-derby match against the notorious Big Bertha Bodacious of the Cornville C-Cup Crushers.
  • A 1972 Pontiac Trans-Am 455 SD ("jist becuz, boy...stop axin so many durn questions!")
Since at last reckoning, Pappy had 36 Linden dollars, a fake still, a fake dog, a battered 1988 Ford F-150 (also fake), and 300 jugs of Shine in his SL inventory, he decided to run for it.

He reports that Hobo Island is a most friendly place, and the King himself can be found sitting on a barrel from time to time, making things.

Meanwhile, a certain hillbilly hellion is reported to have begun searching hobo locales in SL, including the Calleta Railroad Infohub.

Trouble comes to Calleta

More in 2009. Happy New Year, ya'll!

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