Saturday, December 6, 2008

Second Life Land Baron?

Remember Woody Allen's Love and Death? His father, a Russian peasant, owned a small piece of land. It was so small, in fact, that he kept it in his jacket.

I feel like that, because I've purchased my first SL property. I needed to move Pappy to his own place, because we are planning expansions of the area on Richmond Island for student projects.

Tenchi Morigi is consolidating her land-holding in SL, and as a result she gave me the plot where the Stability Now! headquarters had once stood. It's not completely free, of course. For those who have never owned land, it's the way Linden Lab rakes in real money. For Premium residents like me, after my first 512 square meters of owned land, I pay a "tier fee" to the company each month. In my case, it's $5 US a month.

Not bad for the "Hellbilly Home Place," so our rip-snortin' hillbilly family can terrorize the neighbors.


These include some creepy place called "Vile Chapel." At least it's so far up in the air that I had to fly there in the car to find it.


But a vampire's paradise has nothing on the even creepier virtual suburbia on the other side. Pappy went over there to have a look..only a matter of time until we all are on the ban list.


Since I'd rather have vampires come after me than to dwell in the suburbs (in either life), I have to wonder: why do avatars move into these dreadful places-that-are-no-place? It's bad enough in real life, but in Second Life, where anything can be done or made, why? Perhaps, as the housing market collapses and real suburbia hits the skids...the hollow dream of conformity can struggle onward in this irreal place.

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