Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Run, Pappy, RUN!

Shoppin for guns tu kill Papp...
Location: SL gun dealer's shop

Iggy's Note: Intercepted message to a Second Life Gun-Dealer:

I wants tu thank yu fo' givin' a poor Hillbily gal a chance tu kamp. I plans tu get me 1400L tugether so I kin buy them-thar .44 Magnums yu got. Then I kin BLAST that fat rascal brothur o' mine, Pappy Enoch! Whee hoo!

Keep up the bizness o' deth. I luvs shootin' stuff, espsheshully stinkin' pole-cat brothurs hoo owes mee munny n' a glass eyeball (I lost mine in Roller Derby tryin' tu pay back taxes when Pappy run off tu Secund Life). He won't pay no restitushun to our famberly, but I am a-gonna make him pay a heavy ol' price :)

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