Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aliens in Hillbilly Land! Pappy Abducted!

Saucer over Hellbilly Home Pla...

Location: Pappy Enoch's "Hellbilly Paradise"

The following security-camera photos show, without a doubt, that things NOT OF THIS EARTH walk among us.

The fearsome invader

After considering carrying off Jezzabel, the creature seemed instead to be looking for Pappy.

Primitive land-vehicle

It paused for a moment atop "the Rip Snorter," Pappy's old F-150.

There may have been one hope...

What IS this earth beverage?

Or maybe not...the alien apparently found Pappy in his trailer. He was conducting Web-based research on his favorite topic: Salma Hayek.


I did not arrive in time...this was my last sight of the poor moonshiner...


To be continued...

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