Friday, January 23, 2009

MAMMY Enoch? Another Hillbilly Enters Second Life

Location: Hellbilly Paradise

Poor Pappy...stuck in an alien zoo. Poor TammiFay Digfoot...stuck there with Pappy.

Perhaps only one person in any universe could end this nightmare. Today, I got this curious missive:
"Mistopher Onomatopatetel, where am my sun pappy? you wrote in you blob that he am abdominated or sumfin. Will you em tell um that his mummy come from thar holler? excusemoar but them thar purty gurl Tenchi Morigi wrote me your adressum."

Along with the enclosed photo. Thank God. Mama's come to set things straight for Second Life's Hillbilly community.

I hear tell she's mighty handy with a shotgun. She's even better with high explosives, flame-throwers, naplam, and custard pies.

Look out, alien invaders..she might think you are revenuers out looking for moonshine stills...

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