Friday, January 9, 2009

Ask Di: My Friend XYZ Linden

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Dear Di,

A Linden offered me friendship and I accepted.

How big a head should I have now? Will I begin acting like a snob?


Full of Himself

Dear Pumpkin-Head, I mean - Dear Full of Himself:

You know that the "Linden" part has to be the LAST NAME - right?? :) And not
Linden43 or such....

From your question I'd say that you already do have a big head, and YES, you will begin acting like a snob. You do know that there are Lindens whose job it is to befriend the tiny small people who come to those community roundtable-things so that they will believe what they are saying is actually getting heard and action is being taken about their complaints - right? So good luck with that! I am sure he puts his pants on same as we all do (r-click & WEAR). Don't be too much of a suck-up tho, and no screen shots of your friends-list in your profile picks.

No one likes a name dropper.


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