Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Second Life Education Support Faire: Dispatch 2

SL Shakespeare
Location: Ummm...The Faire?

I need a roasted turkey leg for the Faire. I feel myself at a RenFaire in real life.

Highlights of my Second Visit:
  • Ann Enigma’s Autoscript tool as been around since 2007, but a nice way to simplify scripting. Torley Linden promoting it at the Faire.
I will be sure to use this tool myself for a few upcoming projects. It was nice to see an interactive display, given that many booths, including our SL Education Roundtable, had static displays with links to landmarks and Web-based materials.
Insight Virtual College, with information about their in-world classes, and the Master Jeweler Guild caught my eye. One of my students studied SL jewelry for a final project, and the Guild would have been a perfect fit for her research. I also grabbed landmarks to New Citizen Inc’s sites in SL. I have always found the orientation experience limiting, so I’ll check (and blog about) the NCI options for teachers who may be bringing classes in-world later this term or after.
One of the booths at the Faire
  • The Discovery Education Network’s audio-enhanced display. They go far beyond the Discovery Channel. I’m not sure how much content Discovery has in-world, but they have a center at this location in SL.
Much of what was on-offer is on the Web, so this may be of interest to colleagues who do not have SL avatars.
  • Bind fast his corky arms! SL Shakespeare.
Verily, I’d be a witless knave were I not to share an aside with thee about the SL Shakespeare Company. Methinks it would be a thing wondrous had these poor players, strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage, not been present at the Faire.

The Globe and the Company, to me, illustrate the potential of this type of learning more than nearly anything else I’ve seen in SL—but then I’m a fanatic for The Bard’s work.

To be I really want that turkey-leg. Ho there, sirrah! Fetch me yon roasted joint!

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