Thursday, January 29, 2009

FREE Money...but wait.

Just received in e-mail: wouldn't be so bad except there was a week, long ago, when NONE of us got our stipends. That's me back then, dumpster-diving.

We'll count it as fair this time, but just don't short-change an Enoch, Linden Lab!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

On 27 January our overnight L$ transaction settlement process was instructed to initiate twice. We quickly caught it and halted the activity, but for a limited number of Residents, we paid weekly stipends twice. In order to remedy this overpayment, we will regard your stipend of 3 February to be paid early. Stipend payments will resume as normal for you on 10 February. If you find things don't look right upon review of your account records, please contact us via support, and we'll take a look. On behalf of all of us at Linden Lab, we apologise for this error. The Linden Lab Billing Team

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